Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Relaxing while Beading

Annabelle had a rough day yesterday. By naptime I was ready for some peace. I found it while crafting (and I made brownies! that helped too). I made a bunch of stuff that I will try to share at some point but what I noticed was how relaxed I became. I didn't turn on the tv. I didn't do any housework which I probably should have. I just sat. Turned everything off. Listened to my babies stirring on the monitors.
I started a new beading project. It's different and more challenging than anything I've ever done because it's not just beading but wrapping the string of beads around another wire as you go. I'm sure there is a term for this but I don't know what it is. It required a lot of concentration.
While I was beading, my husband came home from work. I hardly noticed how much time had passed. The kids had been sleeping for several hours. Much longer than they should have been sleeping. I got 2 projects done and started a third. I looked up and realized how relaxed I was. The feeling was similar to the feeling after a massage. I was even a little sleepy. It was great and so worth forgoing any other obligations.

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