Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Decorations

Dashiell was sick first. He started throwing up at daycare last Thursday. He was sick until Friday morning. I took Annabelle to daycare and kept him home with me. I picked her up and brought her home for lunch and naptime before we were hit with the snow. While I was trying to put them both down for naps I started to feel it.

The queasiness.

I knew I was going to be sick.

Brian was trying to get groceries and texted me asking if there was anything else I needed. I believe I texted back, "ginger ale. I sick." as I layed as still as possible on the couch.
The worst of it was I had a hard time feeding the baby. Breastfeeding requires a lot of calories and since most of mine ended up in the toilet and I had a hard time replenish those I had a very hard time making any milk. And the poor little guy wanted nothing more than a little bit of milk having been sick himself.
I knew it was only a matter of time...

Not only did we wake up to almost two feet of snow but we woke up to Annabelle gagging in bed. I was exhausted. Having spent the night trying unsuccessfully to comfort a hungry baby (I finally ended up asking Brian to warm up a bottle) and not feeling all that well to begin with, I past Dashiell off to Brian and went back to sleep. Not 20 minutes later I heard her on the monitor.
It's amazing how fast a tired and sick mommy can move in the dark when her baby is crying for her.
Anyway, in an effort to entertain Annabelle while Brian was out shoveling we threw together this little Valentine's craft.

Materials Used:
Tissue Paper
Hole punch

Cut out heart shapes.
Tear tissue paper.
Glue tissue paper pieces onto hearts.
Punch holes and string ribbon threw holes.

I love this spot in our house for hanging garland. I made something similar to display out Christmas cards and loved the look of it. It turned out okay considering how we all were feeling.
Fortunately, we are all feeling much better.


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