Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Necklace

This is an idea I found in a book that I'll write about later but I wanted to post this before Valentine's Day. I made it with the various beads in my collection.

The first step is to make the heart shape out of a bendable piece of wire. Then take another piece of wire and wrap it around while beading. It was a new technique for me. I wrote about working on it here. Great process that I think really came off looking beautiful.

I finished it with a ribbon. I hope I get to leave the house soon so I can actually wear it! Oh this snow.

Also, Annabelle really liked it and wanted to wear it. It's a little delicate so I had to say no but told her I would make her a necklace. I thought I would make something for her as a Valentine's gift. I have a few ideas. I'm thinking heart shaped felt instead of all the beads! Hope to be able to share that one too!


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  1. That's beautiful! You should add it to my Blog Hop that just started today!


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