Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fabric Store

If I've learned anything today it is that it is extremely difficult to shop at a fabric store with two small kids.  Annabelle was touching everything with chocolatey fingers! Dashiell was trying to escape the shopping cart! I had them both in one small cart and all the fabric I wanted in another big one.  I must have looked ridiculous! The kids were great, considering!  Annabelle picked princesses, Tinker Bell and monkeys.

I found this great pre-shirred fabric.  How easy is this? Going to be one of the first one's I make. Love the strawberries.

I had to buy some for myself too!

It looks better in person! I'm thinking a top for Mommy and a dress for Annabelle!

I picked this fabric out too! Maybe matching tops or skirts! I bought plenty of it!

Not to leave Dashiell out, I bought this fabric and hopefully will make some pants for him!

I asked the guy working there if they sold plain white onesies I could decorate for Dashiell and he had no idea what I was talking about! I had to explain to him what a onesie was and then he directed me to a pattern book. I thought I could make matching tops for him too and I thought I saw them there before. I might have some laying around or I'll get some later. Oh well. I guess if you aren't a Dad...but really he works in a fabric store!

Such big dreams I have. Better go get started.

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