Thursday, March 25, 2010

Halloween Already?

This past Halloween Annabelle was a fairy princess.  If you know us and you saw us in November, you probably saw Annabelle in her fairy princess costume.

She wore it to school, the store, outside to play.  She loved it.  We had many converstations about how she shouldn't wear it while eating spaghetti or in the snow because it wasn't the type of clothing you threw in the wash. 

She wore it to daycare and the teachers fussed over her until weeks later she still wore it and they just looked at her and looked at me like, "really? again?"

I loved this about her.  I thought it was quirky and endearing.

One day we got in the car on our way to daycare and she screamed the whole way there because she forgot to put it on.

Sometimes she wore it without the wings, sometimes we couldn't find the wings, sometimes she wore the antennae with other outfits without the costume. 

The antennae? Yes, antennae on a fairy princess costume.  I did't understand it either but that's the way the costume came.  To my knowledge, neither fairies nor princesses have antennae but when you combine the two, apparently, antennae are born.

Needless to say she enjoyed Halloween.

So much so she is already planning this year's costume. My husband took her to see Max and Ruby at a local toy store.

This is the conversation we had when I came home from work:
Daddy: She decided they will be Max and Ruby for Halloween.
Annabelle: I'm going to be Ruby.
Mommy: Really?
Annabelle: And Dashiell will be Max.
Mommy: Obviously.

How cute will that be?


  1. It will be SUPER cute! My Youngest was Ruby for Halloween this year...we didn't have a Max because there are no little boys to be found at our house...but it turned out so well and was super easy. I just put her in a jumper, got bunny ears and tail and painted her face white with a little black nose and wiskers. She loved it. I wish I could post a picture for you. Anyway, loved the post very cute. I can totally relate to wearing dress up clothes in public. I don't do it personally...but I've got a three princesses/fairies/female pirates/mermaids (dependig on the day) that live with me! :)

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  2. They're adorable! I love your little conversation too :-) Visiting from New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative.

  3. Sounds like you have your very own girl creative there! She's darling :)

  4. Hi! I'm following you from Friday Follow. I love crafting blogs and I love that you use a vintage sewing machine. Mine isn't exactly vintage, but it is several decades old (but I LOVE it)!

  5. Happy Follow Friday! I'm your newest follower and would love if you came to visit my blog and follow me!
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