Saturday, March 20, 2010

Too Many Projects So Little Time

I added a list to my sidebar of all the tutorials and projects around the blogging world that I have been wanting to try.  Check them out!

Some things aren't there that are in my mind or in books I've been hoarding from the library!

I really want to make some handmade things for the kids for their Easter baskets.  I'm going to make some flower clips for Annabelle.  I haven't decide what to make for Dashiell yet.  Maybe a felt book or some blocks.

I intend to go to the fabric store this weekend and buy fabric for dresses for Annabelle and maybe some for myself! I love the One-Yard Wonder book and would love to try some projects from that. 

I also want to make some pants for Dashiell.  It would be great to have custom made pants that actually fit but I haven't seen any tutorials recently.

Let's see, what else? I want to do some spring decorating.  I bought some stuff at the dollar store that I wanted to do some decorating with.  Maybe I'll get to that this weekend. 

And then their birthdays are coming up.  Should probably get started on their invitations.  Something custom-made would be great but I'll probably run out of time and just order something.  My sister-in-law did some great ones recently through

Decorations too.  I added some of my favorites to the list and the crowns! Oh my! So much to do!


  1. Love your blog title!

    Hello there!

    I’m following your nice family blog on Google Friends Connect, and am your latest Friday Follower. I would appreciate a follow-back!


  2. I have so many half finished projects it is crazy. I keep things to make stuff and then never get around to it. I am too easily distracted!

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower from Friday Follow!

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  4. My son needs custom pants too - why don't kids pants have actual waist and length sizes?

    I'm a new follower from Friday Follow (late).

  5. Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I too have a million projects (truly, more than I can ever do) and "itch" to carve out the time to craft. More power to you!


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