Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dashiell's Birthday Banner

Dashiell's Birthday Banner
I have this thing about cards.  I hoard them.  I have a whole drawer in my craft supplies full of them.  I save them from birthdays and Christmas.  Lately I have been wondering why when I never do anything with them and they are taken up space that could otherwise be used for beads or glitter or something else crafty!

I was going through them and I found a bunch of cards that were sent to us when Dashiell was born a year ago! I decided know was the time to use those cards instead of hoarding.

(Incidently, I hate buying cards.)

Making the Banner
This is really simple and I even had Annabelle help me with it.  I cut out the cards on the fold with my fun pinking scissors that are a dollar.  I love those things!

Then I glued a ribbon to the crease and glued the card shut over the ribbon. 

I really like the end result! And I'm so glad I had used those cards for something instead of shoving them in a drawer or throwing them away.

Looks great on our mantle!

We love our play kitchen! I can't believe how fast they've grown.

Happy 1st Birthday Dashiell!


  1. Ha ha! I do the EXACT same thing (hoarding cards). I feel like I can't just throw them out. I have the very same plan in mind for mine! I'm envisioning banners for all seasons. :)

  2. Oooh, I'm a card hoarder. I get it from my mom!


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