Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guest Post: Laura @ along for the ride

Laura is here today with a great post and tutorial! Thanks for participating in Flower Week!

In 2007, Kyle's grandfather passed away. At the funeral, Kyle's grandma gave each woman in the family a handkerchief that we carried with us. I have kept the handkerchief in my dresser drawer for a while (where I keep other special items) but I thought I could make it even more special.

It's such a beautiful piece with such special meaning. I love wearing it close to my heart.


I love making these flowers. I have been putting them on necklaces, hair pins, bracelets, earrings, and just about anything I can think of.

They're so simple!

1. Cut out circles (I cut out 2 each of 3 sizes)

2. Fold one circle in half, right sides touching. Sew a few stitches. Now fold the other say, right side touching and sew a few stitches.

3. Your flower should look something like this. The closer in you stitch the ruffle-ier the flower.

4. Repeat with the rest of your circles.

Now all you do is stack the circles in size order (small ones on top) and hand stitch them together. Once they feel secure, add the pearls.

I hot glued a circle of felt on the back and stitched on a pin.

Once you get the basic flower down, the possibilities are endless!

(for the bracelet, I used hot glue instead of needle and thread. it wasn't as clean looking, but it was even easier.)

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