Sunday, May 9, 2010

When do you feel most beautiful?

I love People magazine and US weekly.  It's my little guilty pleasure.  I get annoyed with myself when I think about the wealth of knowledge I have accumulated about these people I could care so little about.  I know more about them than I do members of my own family!

Disgusting really.

Recently, I was reading People's Most Beautiful People in the World issue and they asked celebraties "When do you feel most beautiful?"

When Do You Feel Most Beautiful?

A couple of answers stuck out at me.  First Bradley Cooper said when he is with his Dad he feels the most beautiful and I just thought that was really sweet.

Then Kate Hudson's answered that when her son tells her she is beautiful is when she feels the most beautiful.

How true that is.

Recently, I haven't felt very beautiful.  I've let a few of those little maintenance things slip.  Like plucking the hairs on my chin.  They seriously just appear out of nowhere.

My hair has needed a cut for months.

And the grays! Eek!

Part of my job is to go into schools and read stories and tell students about the library.  I visited a second grade classroom the other day and one boy raised his hand and said, "You have a couple of gray hairs."

"Yes, I have more than a couple. Thanks."

Then another boy raised his hand and said, "You know you can dye your hair and get rid of the grays."

Total mortification.  These boys were in the BACK OF THE ROOM. They weren't right in front of me or looking down from above.  They were atleast 6 feet away.

And yes I have gray hairs.  I actually have had gray hair since high school.  In my early twenties it's got so I had to dye it and I've been a redhead ever since.

I told the boy that yes I did know I could dye my hair but I am a mom of two small children and I've been pretty busy lately. 

I could have slapped him but he was atleast 6 feet away.

As I sit here now I still haven't had the chance to dye my hair.  I did do some plucking and got my hair cut so I'm getting there. 
But you know what...I don't care.

This morning when we were getting ready to leave the house Annabelle said,
"Mommy, you are so beautiful.  You look so beautiful in that skirt."

And I did feel beautiful in that moment. 

In her eyes I am beautiful

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. I know of the whiskers you speak. I also was just complaining about how I need a haircut. I don't care about the gray hair, but when I do color-I'm Caramel Macaroon.

    Sounds fun reading meeting kids, but next time one says that about you're hair switch to a ghost story about a kid who criticized someone's hair and sent to a haunted house for punishment. What ever happened to him? Nobody knows.