Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Etsy Shop Feature: Creative Apples

Reading over April's profile, the artist behind the etsy shop, Creative Apples, I noticed that one of her favorite materials to work with is cupcakes. 

Right then I knew I was going to like her!

Plus I have a soft spot in my heart for photographers being a daughter of a photographer.  My dad would take me to art museums and festivals and we would look at the photos together.  I think he would have really enjoyed April's work!

April's photography is original, inspiring and delicious! Yes, delicious! She is also a painter and creates lovely greeting cards from her photography.

I was strangely drawn to the Garden Gnome greeting card. Such a cute little guy!

You'll also find beautiful flower greeting cards.

As well as cupcakes!
Wouldn't these be perfect for birthday party invitations or thank yous!? They look just delicious! She has so many of these to chose from too!

April is very creative and talented and I am delighted to have found her shop.  I hope you'll stop by her blog too
Thanks! Have a great day!

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