Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gold Hardware and Black Fabric Necklace

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I love making jewelry with washers.  When I went to the hardware store to buy my washers I got a lot of looks.  I apparently looked very out of place.  Some guy asked me if I needed help and he didn't even work there.

Maybe he was hitting on me? LOL.  No, probably not.

It took me awhile to locate the washers (no I didn't take the guy up on his offer of help. I wandered around like an idiot for 20 minutes) when I did find them I was so excited!

Not only did they come in silver and in a variety of sizes but they also came in gold.  Then I spied the little nuts.  And I thought, what the heck, I'll buy those too.

When I got home my husband called me and said, "what did you buy at Home Depot?" apparently he was checking our bank statement and the idea of me being in Home Depot baffled him.

"Washers. To make necklaces," I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Here's what I made:

Incidently, it is available to purchase in my etsy shop Belle Rose Designs along with several others.

I am having a Grand Opening sale! You might want to check it out!

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  1. that is awesome looking :) good job :)

  2. This is super fab!!!
    I love it!!

  3. Very cool. I get that "what are YOU doing here" look in the hardware store. Too bad...in fact, stopping at Lowe's shortly!

  4. That is super cute. I love the black and gold. And I have had that same conversation with my husband about something at Home Depot. "A Drop Cloth. For a table cloth. Of course." He doesn't even ask anymore. ;)

  5. This is such a clever and creative project. Well done!

  6. great idea! I never would have thought of that. Good luck with your etsy! I found you at somewhat simple

  7. Very creative! Thanks for linking up @PonyTails&FishScales!


  8. What a cool necklace. I love the chunkiness of it!

    Thanks so much for linking up to The CSI Project's hardware Store Challenge! We hope you will come back next week for the Martha Stewart-inspired challenge -- The MS Craft Department are our guest judges!!!


  9. I did the same thing! I wandered around looking for washers, and when someone in line asked me what project I was working on they were really surprised when I said "jewelry". I think I offended his masculinity.

    Thank you for participating in the Craft Therapy Session with Life in the Pitts

  10. So cool! I love hardwear store too, you never know what you will find there. Thank you for sharing this!

  11. It's always fun to see what people can make from hardware! This is so much fun! I am glad you linked up with us this week! :)

  12. OOOOO I love this necklace! How cleaver are you? Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!


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