Monday, July 12, 2010

Favorites: My #1 Favorite Post

Hi! I'm at the beach right now enjoying some relaxation and spending time with family! I hope you are enjoying my scheduled posts! That is I hope Blogger didn't fail me.  Oh well, I guess I'll find out when I return!

This week I'm giving you my top 5 favorite posts.  This is my #1.  The original post is here.  Hope you like it!

Woke up this morning

I was in the shower this morning thinking about projects, crafts, blog posts, birthday parties, children's stories. I get some of my best ideas at 3AM. I hardly remember half of them but occasionally I wake up with 2 or 3 good ideas and half a dozen bad ones. Sometimes I wake up forgetting my best ideas and then I walk around all day racking my subconscious for that lost idea.

Smiled at the rising sun

I woke up to a beautiful day. My husband ran back inside and told me not to put coats on the kids. He was giddy with the excitement of it. Both of the little ones were happy when they woke up and I got the kids out the door smoothly. I even remembered to bring in an extra change of clothes for both since the weather was so warm.

Three little birds sat by my door step

I heard the birds singing this morning. I probably hear them every morning but it is only some mornings were I stop and notice it. I stopped and notice my kids faces, their smiles, the way Dashiell claps when I turn the radio on in the car, how Annabelle runs outside with joy and fearlessness. I tried to stop and notice it all.

Singing a sweet song, a melody pure and true

When Dashiell was a new baby I sang Three Little Birds to him while I got him dressed. One night Annabelle asked me to "sing Three Little Birds." It became her song. She quickly learned all the words like she has learned so many songs.

This is my message to you. Singing don't worry...about a thing...

She started singing it last fall. My husband and I were pretty stressed then. I faced losing my job and he did lose his job. The hospital he worked for closed. The library system I worked for faced closures. My husband was waiting test results after a medical scare in the summer. But when I heard her sweet voice singing I knew it would all be alright.

cause every little gonna be alright!

It was. My library stayed open, my husband got a new job and his results came back fine.

This morning I caught myself singing Three Little Birds. I knew it was going to be a good day! And guess what? I remember that good idea I had at 3AM!

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