Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crafting with Mama!

I know I haven't been posting a lot but I have been crafting! I've been making a lot of stuff for my shop.  I haven't actually listed anything or posted anything.  I've just been focusing on the creating for now and when that dries up I'll get to the business side of things.  I don't want to rush it! I really want to take great pictures and write decent descriptions.

Anyway, Annabelle isn't napping everyday but she is resting.  Naptime used to be a nightmare.  She has always fought it.  She's tired some days and just will protest sleeping.  Other days she just isn't tired.

Yesterday, she said she wasn't tired but I had her lay down and rest for about an hour.  I needed to shower and get some stuff done. She did fine. No protesting. 

I was downstairs making some necklaces when she came down after rest time. She wanted to "help". We just recently bought her scissors and they keep her so busy.  I let her help me cut the ribbons and gave her the scraps to glue.  We sat next to each other and crafted for about an hour waiting for her brother to wake up from his nap. 

I loved it! We were sitting on our couch and she said, "looks like you've been busy down her just like I'm being busy." She is so funny! She kept moving closer and closer to me until she was right up next to me.  I think she liked it too!

I moved her to the table when she got out the glue. 


I hope we get to do it again sometime! 

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