Wednesday, September 22, 2010

kcwc: I made a dress!

Actually two dresses for Annabelle! I know as part of the challenge I am supposed to sew for an hour a day.  But, I work full time and really never have time to sew (or cut, or measure, etc) until the weekend. So, all the work done on these dresses was completed over two days and each took me an hour or two. 

Actually, the first dress took a whole lot longer but the second dress was super fast!

Here's the first:

This is a fairly simple idea that I've seen everywhere so I'm not going to bore you with a tutorial about it.  You can find better ones out there!

Basically, I wanted to make her a couple long-sleeve dresses.  This girl loves dress and refuses to wear anything else.  Last year I was dressing her in sundresses in October with t-shirts and pants.  So this year I thought I would make her a couple of dresses using a shirt and sewing a skirt to it.  I'm sure you've seen this around right?

Here it is before I hemmed it.  She loves it!

Check back tomorrow for my adventures in making this.

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  1. Making shirts into dresses to extend their life is SO smart! Thanks for sharing!


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