Thursday, September 23, 2010

kcwc: Warts and all post

I am not a seamstress and I make a lot of mistakes.  I loved making this dress but it was truly a labor of love.

First it started as a sundress.  I started it back in July and didn't measure Annabelle but used another one of her dresses as a guide. 

It was way too small!

She was pretty dissapointed because she loved the fabric. 

I bought the shirt at Kohl's and new exactly what I was going to do with it.

Here I am pinning the skirt portion to the shirt portion. 
But Wait...This is the wrong way to do it!

But I didn't realize it until it was too late!

Yep, I sewed it on wrong! You know what that means!


Ripping this seam is what took the most time!

I almost gave it up! All those little stitches. UGH!!
(sidenote: I made another dress for Annabelle and I did the same thing...sewed the fabric on wrong. You think I would have learned.)

I then redid the whole thing and I was finally happy with the results.

Look at that face! I think she is too!

I'll post about the second dress another time.  She hasn't worn it yet but she was thrilled when I showed it to her.  But I did totally mess up the second dress in the exact same way as the first!  

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  1. The end result was worth it! My seam ripper is my friend, even though I am kicking myself all the while for making a stupid mistake.


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