Friday, September 24, 2010

Mommy Made It!

I started sewing because of my daughter.  I wanted to make her cute clothes too wear.  This was the first dress I made her and I posted about it here.

I thought it was pretty cute but she never wore it.  Oh well.

My second dress was more of a success.

She loved it and wore it a lot.  I learned a lot with this dress (how to hem!) and she pretty much wore it out! I need to redo the seam.  I used my grandmother's vintage sewing machine to make both of these dresses and really old thread so I'm not suprised the seam came out.

I was given a wonderful Mother's Day gift of a brand new sewing machine and bought myself thread.  Things have gotten much better since.

I'm still making a lot of mistakes but I'm getting better at fixing them, measuring, using the right tools and taking my time. 
I'm really enjoying sewing for my kids.  I love it when someone compliments them on what they are wearing and my kids can say, "Mommy made it!"


  1. Gotta love when your kids want to brag on you!
    Glad to have found you on the New Friend Friday follow.

  2. It's very gratifying to have your kids say that! Way to go! My daughter is 17 and still saying that - and she's not shy about it.


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