Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Hair Clips

My daughter told me she was going to wear these every day!
That makes me so happy!

Isn't she a cutie!??

I was inspired by this post at A girl and a glue gun.  This is so cool!
And I didn't feel like getting all dressed up this year. 
So I bought a bunch of spiders and made my own shirt! (I'll show you the shirt tomorrow...maybe.) but I needed a hair clip to match and made some for Annabelle too! 

This one's mine.  I love these clips from the craft store.  You can embelish with so much.  I've covered these in rosettes and buttons before.

For my spider clip I hot glued ribbon to cover the clip and cut off the ring of the spider rings and glued them on.  Pretty simple!

Here's a close up of the top.  The spider web ribbon is so cool and it's a little glittery too!

This is a close up of one of Annabelle's clips.  I made her two using little clippies.  I try to use a lot of hot glue because little girls can be hard on hair clips!

I can't wait to wear my shirt and hair clip!
Happy Halloween!
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  1. This is such a neat idea! I love it and would like to link to it from my new holiday craft site, if you don't mind. The site is:

    Let me know if that would be okay.



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