Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Quick Announcement!

I have enjoyed Flower Week so much I'm making it a weekly thing!

Every Friday I'll be doing Featured Flower Friday where I'll feature a different flower project every week. 

I'll be going back to the linky party and feature more of the amazing projects that were linked up but if you missed linking let me know about a flower project you have done and I'll check it out!

Giveaway still going on here.

I hope to do a wrap up post tomorrow for Flower Week but I'm not making any promises.  It may have to wait until next week!

Introducing Belle Rose Designs

Flower Week has been so much fun!
(don't worry we aren't quite finished.)
I am so excited to introduce my Etsy shop this week during Flower Week. 
It has been something I've been dreaming and thinking and planning for months and months and I finally did it.

More Coming Soon...

And a giveaway in a few weeks with Blog Guidebook...

Speaking of giveaways don't forget to enter the Flower Ring and Clips giveaway here.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great Flower Accesories!

Flower Week continues...

With a few fabulous accesories...

Michele at The Scrap Shoppe shared this beautiful necklace.

Sunshine of Seven shared these great flower rings. 

More Flower Rings from Bandy Canyon. Such a cute idea!

I love this funky flower brooch from laughpaintcreate...

Cluck Cluck Sew and another great Brooch...

Grab the featured flower button if you like and don't forget about the giveaway!

Guest Post: Jenn @ Redberry Barn

Please welcome Jenn with another wonderful flower tutorial!

I am thrilled to be invited in this beautiful week celebrating Flowers!!

My name is Jenn and my little blog is

I just started my blog back in January as a way for me to be motivated to

finish all of my crafting projects {a.k.a. naptime crafting}. 

I am a SAHM of 3 cool dudes and 1 little princess. 

I am just a lucky gal with a hubby that supports my hobbies!!

My flower I would like to share is on my front door!

I was needing to get more of a summer feel to my house.

I made the petals out of painted canvas, using a stencil from

Jen over at Tatortots and Jello {click here}.

I have a complete tutorial of this project on my blog {click here}. 

My new favorite fabric to work with right now is canvas!!  I am still in love with burlap, too!

I think a clear glass knob can go with anything!

I made this frame {click here for tutorial} back in January.

 I use it as a "base" for the seasonal decor that I put on my front door. 

Come by my blog sometime and say hello...I have been making a lot of flower barretts and etc!!

Thank you Julie for letting me post on her wonderful blog!!

Have a beautiful day!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flower Hair Accessories!

So many great ideas were linked up for hair accessories! Here are a few favorites.

Pretty Dubs shared a great tutorial for these flower head bands.  These would be great for little girls and Moms!

The Looney Bin (lol!) made ribbon flowers for a baby girl's headband.  So sweet!

Adorable little girl at Classic Campbell with a great headband!

Not So Crafty made these charming ribbon flower clips.

I love the colors in this hair clip made by Cricky's Corner.  Adorable!

Great job everyone! There are so many different ways to make flowers and hair accessories! Look for more accessories later today!

And don't forgot to enter the giveaway!

Guest Post: Michele @ The Scrap Shoppe

Please Welcome Michele with an awesome tutorial for Flower Week!
Hello everyone! I'm Michele from The Scrap Shoppe.
A big thank you to Julie for having me at Singing Three Little Birds today for Flower Week! How fun is it to dedicate an entire week to crafty flowers? Such a brilliant idea! I'm slightly obsessed with them myself. In fact, I entered 6 links to the party. So I guess obsessed is definitely the right word for me!
I love to make flowers out of any type of media. So far I've tried fabric (organza, denim, and various cottons), felt, scrapbook paper & cardstock, and crepe paper.

And here is today's project!

These rolled roses originally started out as plain red cardstock. Now they have an almost ceramic look to them. Let me show you how I made them!


 1. Start with a couple of pieces of cardstock (I only ended up needing one for all of these flowers, but I grabbed a 2nd piece just to be sure).
2. Soak the cardstock, one sheet at a time, under running water. Be sure and wet both sides of the cardstock.
3. Wad each piece of cardstock up into a ball. You're going to want it very rumpled so you will need to wad it up, open it, and wad it up again several times. Just be careful that you don't rip the paper.
4. Lay the cardstock out flat and allow it to dry. I soaked mine before going to bed and let it dry on the kitchen counter overnight. If you're slightly more impatient you can take a hairdryer to it.
From here I tried two different techniques to get the "ceramic" look for the roses. Here is the technique for the single rose.

5. From a roughly 5"x5" square of the dried cardstock, cut out a circle. From the circle cut out a spiral. I like to cut my spirals in a wavy fashion to give the final rose a more realistic look.
6. Start with the outermost part of the spiral and start rolling it between your fingers. Contine you to roll until you get to the center of the spiral.
7. Take the center of the spiral and use some adhesive to glue the base to the rest of the rose so it acts as the base of your flower.
8. A pretty little rose!

9. Ink the edges of the rose with a contrasting color. This just makes the rose more realistic so its not uniform in color. You can skip this step if you would rather.
10. Apply a somewhat thick coat of Mod Podge to the rose with a sponge brush. Not too thick though! If its too thick the glue with dry white instead of clear (especially between the petals).
11. Turn the rose over after the front dries and appy more Mod Podge to the back of the rose.
12. Apply a pin, bobby pin, clip, or whatever you like to the back of the rose.

Note: This starts the 2nd "ceramic" technique. (I think I actually like this one better.)
13. Cut three different size squares from the wrinkled cardstock. Apply Mod Podge to each square. Once the front dries, flip it over and apply again to the back.
14. Cut out spirals as before.

15. Once again, start with the outside of the spiral and start rolling the rose.
16. The roses for this set of 3 flowers are more tightly rolled so they can be placed snugly next to one another.
17. Glue the back of the roses as before.
18. Ink the roses at this step if you are so inclined.
19. Apply another coat of Mod Podge just to get the flowers nice and shiny!
20. Line the 3 flowers up in a row and adhere a strip of the red cardstock to the back of the flowers. Apply a small amount of adhesive between each flower to glue them to each other also just to be sure there is no flopping around. Add a pin, bobby pin, or whatever suits your fancy.

The final single rose. I glued some large silver beads to the center.

The final set of 3 roses. I didn't add anything to the center of them since they are wrapped so tightly. And I think they look just as good without the extra embellishment.

It may be difficult to tell from the photos, but these roses have a great shine to them. And the Mod Podge also makes them very stiff so they also almost feel like they could be ceramic. The wrinkled paper and the waviness of the spiral really give them a realistic look!

So, what to do with these fun new flowers?

Well, since they are pinbacks I can add them to any outfit as a brooch, put them on a belt, add them to a headband...

Or thread them through the chain of a necklace! I'm loving this look!

Other than the time it took the cardstock and Mod Podge to dry (which was really only a few minutes), this was a pretty quick project.

Thanks again, Julie, for letting me share!

Thanks Michelle!
Don't forgot to enter the giveaway for flower ring and hair clips.
See you soon for more great flower projects!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Featured Flowers!

Thanks for joining me for Flower Week!

Here are a few more favorites.

This cupcake at Laureninspired is just awesome! It looks delicious and beautiful!

I love these ricrac rose bows from Fabulous on a Teacher's Salary and think they would look darling in Annabelle's hair!

This leather rose from Abigail's Craft How-To is amazing!

Duct tape is amazing! Yesterday on Tuesday makes these great flowers using duct tape. Wow!

I seriously need to get to embellishing my flip flops! I love these from La Dolce Vita!


More features all week! Thanks for linking up everyone!

Don't forget to enter yesterday's giveaway!

Guest Post: Laura @ along for the ride

Laura is here today with a great post and tutorial! Thanks for participating in Flower Week!

In 2007, Kyle's grandfather passed away. At the funeral, Kyle's grandma gave each woman in the family a handkerchief that we carried with us. I have kept the handkerchief in my dresser drawer for a while (where I keep other special items) but I thought I could make it even more special.

It's such a beautiful piece with such special meaning. I love wearing it close to my heart.


I love making these flowers. I have been putting them on necklaces, hair pins, bracelets, earrings, and just about anything I can think of.

They're so simple!

1. Cut out circles (I cut out 2 each of 3 sizes)

2. Fold one circle in half, right sides touching. Sew a few stitches. Now fold the other say, right side touching and sew a few stitches.

3. Your flower should look something like this. The closer in you stitch the ruffle-ier the flower.

4. Repeat with the rest of your circles.

Now all you do is stack the circles in size order (small ones on top) and hand stitch them together. Once they feel secure, add the pearls.

I hot glued a circle of felt on the back and stitched on a pin.

Once you get the basic flower down, the possibilities are endless!

(for the bracelet, I used hot glue instead of needle and thread. it wasn't as clean looking, but it was even easier.)

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