Thursday, January 20, 2011

Craft Book Review: Every Day's a Holiday

Everyday's a Holiday: Year-Round Crafting with Kids
by Heidi Kinney (September 2010)

I love craft books, don't you? Before I discovered craft blogs I was obsessed with craft books. I am after all a librarian. 

I am a children's librarian.  I plan tons of programs for kids.  A lot of the programs involve crafts.  I've posted some of these crafts on this very blog.  So when I look at a craft book for kids I look at how easy it would be for KIDS to do in my library or with my two kids at home. 
When I saw this book I was really excited about a new craft book, especially one for kids. It's bright colorful cover drew me in.  I love new books. 
Severally of the projects caught my eye.  There were many which seemed like a lot of fun for ME to do and so many holidays, cultures and seasons were represented.

What I liked:
Very bright and colorful pictures. Lovely, inviting cover. Nice projects in here to try.  Great ideas for all seasons and holidays. 

What I didn't like:
Most of the projects in this book are either for adults to make or a child to make with a lot of help from an adult.  There are lovely projects in here.  Kids would love to see or eat them when you (the parent or teacher or librarian) are finished making them.

Project I Will Try:
The cover shows the Multicolored New Year's hat.  I've done this type of project with kids in the past.  The author has some great ideas for using tissue paper I would like to try the next time I do it.

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  1. That books is on my amazon wish list. I have been debating to buy it or not. Perhaps I'll borrow it from the library first ;)
    Thanks for the review