Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goodbye Red and Green

 All of the Christmas Decorations are gone.  Packed away until next year.
I'm always pretty bummed when that happens.
I immediately started decorating for Valentine's of course!
Makes the house a little less depressing.

Before I took it all down I snapped these pictures of some handmade decorations.

A few days before Christmas Annabelle told me we didn't have enough Christmas decorations up.

Well, girly let me remedy that problem!

A little paper here, some felt there and Annabelle declared our house decorated!

This was a project I found online somewhere. Maybe Martha. Can't remember now.  

This is the felt circle garland I made.  I loved this project.  It is always so satisfying when I get to use my sewing machine.

Not the best pictures but I was in a hurry to take it all down!

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