Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Sapphira Designs

Sponsor Spotlight: Sapphira Designs

Please allow me to introduce you to my sponsor, Sapphira Designs.  Find beautiful handmade earrings, necklaces and accesories for a reasonable price.

Most of the items in her shop are under $20! Every one of them is beautiful!

Tell your husband or boyfriend to buy you this gorgeous vintage glass jewel necklace.

Or maybe you'll pick up this vintage honey amber and filigree ring just because you need a treat!

I love cabachon hair pins.  I may have to get these petite pink rose hair pins for myself.

Go get lost in Sapphira Designs beautiful store now and treat yourself to something pretty. You deserve it!

By the way, she's having a sale!
Get a free Valentine's card with purchase.

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  1. Do NOT buy from SapphiraDesigns. After you pay her, she'll tell you at first that your package has shipped - and then she'll say the package has been lost/stolen in the mail and that she'll ship a new one out eventually. After which, if you message her, she won't get back to you. I wasn't the only one to be affected like this - tons of other buyers have also been scammed by her and her Etsy page has even disappeared. BUYER BEWARE.


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