Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rose-a-day. Day one.

So I am a day behind but I decided after reading a lot of posts over at thing-a-day yesterday to give it a try.
I love making these rosettes but want to challenge myself with different materials so the Rose-a-day challenge was born. Throughout the month of February I will be sharing with you a different rose direct from my workspace. I hope you'll enjoy this special series!
This first one is vintage quilting fabric so not a challenge:) I am working on a custom order but stay tuned for more all month long.
What kind of materials should I try? I have ribbon, lace, denim and wool on my list. What else should I try?
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  1. I'd love to see a ribbon one or maybe yarn. I could use something like this for my slipper pattern.

  2. anything you do Julie will be great! I like the idea of recycling old fabric that might be found around the house.

  3. how about velvet i have made black velvet rosettes for my shoes would love u to visit my related post

  4. I can't wait, I too love making these little roses!

    Kelli @


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