Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spotlight on Sams Crochet: Etsy Seller Interview Series

Here is our second interview with Sam's Crochet. 

1. Tell us about yourself and your shop.

Handmade Health & Fitness: Apple Cozies to Yoga Accessories!

Health and exercise accessories. Water bottle and yoga mat bags, blankets and slings, apple cozies, and leg warmers, headbands, and beanies. Give the gift of health and happiness to your favorite friend, even if that's yourself.

I’m 26. I finished massage school last June, and hope to be licensed here in MT at some point in the near future. Health and fitness has always been part of my life. I spent afternoons doing homework in the back of aerobics classes while my Mom was up front teaching. Her studies have been in the medical field, and I have been browsing her books for years. Now I have my own selection of bodywork books.

I love sociology, and theology. When I am crocheting, I love to listen to audio books or documentaries about all sort of history and philosophy subjects. I bowled and played tennis in HS, and carry my racquet around in my car trunk. I definitely bowl more often than get to play tennis though. I have two brothers and a sister in-law that I love to be around. We are a crew of board game fans, and so can usually be found competing over cards with snacks and drinks nearby. I love to camp, and be in the water and woods in the summer time. I’ve been caught crocheting in front of a campfire pit barefoot and happy. To tell the whole truth, I’ve been caught crocheting nearly everywhere I’ve ever gone. (Shhhh, I can crochet and drive at the same time.)

2.What made you decide to open your shop? 
I think I’ve crocheted at nearly every one of my jobs. I was working front desk at a local gym, and had lots of time to crochet. Many of my customers would compliment my work and mention that I should sell my items. I eventually did some research online to see where there might be a good place to do so, and came across Etsy. The very first item I made with health in mind, and not just hats and scarves, was a ribbed/spiral yoga mat bag. It was so much work, and way too bulky. I would have had to charge about 2x what anyone would want to pay for a bag. Lots of lesson learned though, and my mom got the first one in the style I currently create my mat bags in.

3. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
I love my yoga mat bags. I am always surprised with how much fun they are to make, and it's so fun to watch this long pipe grow, and to see the look on someone's face while they try to work out what I'm making when it's just a little short tube before it has handles and a mat.

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