Saturday, May 28, 2011

Craft for Kids: Paper Tube Flowers

Paper Tube Flowers

I found this idea via Crafty Crow.

My kiddos love to paint and we recently bought a new picnic table for outside. It's the perfect place to sit and paint in the sunshine.

She's my little artist. Give her an art project and she's happy. Love that serious face while she is working.

Lots of fun for him too! We painted the paper tubes for our stems.

After they dried we cut foam parts for the petals. I cut slits in the tops of the tubes to stick the petals in.

He was happy because I let him cut the foam pieces. Under my supervision, of course. Great for building those fine motor skills.

Here is my finished product.

And Annabelle with hers.

This project was made with things I had around the house already. Foam pieces can be found at a craft store but if you don't have those you can use construction paper or any scraps of paper you have around the house. Nothing fancy here at all but lots of fun. 

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