Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hi there readers!

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've been busy with Etsy orders and fun family stuff. Honestly, I haven't been much in the mood to post and haven't had any time to do much crafting besides the stuff for my shop.

I am having HUGE anxiety about a major life change.  For the past six years I have worked full time as a Children's Librarian. I love what I do (some days are better than others) but when my children came along it has gotten tougher to work. I've gotten incredibly burned out doing what I do and having to deal with family stuff at the same time has just gotten too much. My schedule isn't the most flexible. I can't really work at home so when my kids get sick I have to call off and that means cancelling storytimes, meetings and visits to schools. And my kids get sick a lot!!

Back in March I made the decision that I would leave my job. I didn't officially quit until June and gave notice that I would be leaving at the end of August. Well, the end of August is almost here.
As I keep telling people I can't be a good librarian and a good mother at the same time so I'm opting to be a GREAT mother instead. (Of course, Annabelle told me the other day that I was the "baddest Mommy" so I guess I have a lot of work to do!)

Most of you know me as an Etsy seller and a craft blogger but that is a small part of who I am. I love children's books but I am no longer enjoying reading to other people's kids. When I get home and I'm too busy cooking dinner, picking up toys and taking care of everything else at home to sit down and read to my kids it's time to say good-bye to that part of my life, atleast for a little while. I know my kids and I will spend half our time at the library and I hope to volunteer at a library close to home. To read more about my life as a librarian and saying good-bye you can read this post I wrote on my work blog.

Back when I started Belle Rose Designs I did it with the hope that I may one day be able to stay home with my children and support my family with the crafts I made. I didn't ever think it would actually ever be possible. I'm excited for this change but also getting nervous at the same time. It's not just me who is going through this change but our whole family. My kids won't be attending daycare anymore and they will need to say good-bye to the friends and wonderful teachers there. My husband will be working more to support us and I know that will be hard on him but I think in the end it will be what is best for all of us.

Anyway, you might see some changes around this blog. I'm going to continue doing Inspire Me Monday because I enjoy seeing all your crafts and featuring you all. I won't have as much time to promote giveaways so I've made the change to open giveaways to sponsors only at this time. You can read more about being a sponsor here.

I will most likely be posting more about children's books and book reviews because I will miss being around them all day everyday and miss sharing them with my library customers. Therefore, I will be sharing them with you.:)

I will also be teaching my kids at home so you'll see posts about what my kids and I are doing. Lots more kid's crafts!

I hope to have more time for my own crafting and sewing so I hope you'll see more of those too!

Thanks for reading and I hope you don't mind me sharing my journey from full-time working mom to stay-at-home mommy with you.  



  1. Blessings on you and your whole family, and the library as all of you adjust to the changes. For what it's worth, coming from a stranger, I think you've made a good and beautiful decision, and I look forward to the changes to your blog as well.

  2. Making changes is always hard. I'm doing the opposite right now; I'm going to go to grad school because for me personally, I think I'm a better more focused mommy when I work outside the home. And it's hard. I'm so scared that this will be overwhelming. I am only telling you about my choices, not to judge yours, but to say that different things work for different people and even when you figure out what will work best for you, it's still a great big leap of faith. It's sounds like this will be great for you and your family! Best of luck to you.

  3. Doing what you love sometimes is hard to balance out with being the best you you can be. Good luck on your full time awesome mommy mission! I know you can do it! :-)

  4. Congratulations on making this important life change! And good luck to you!

    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home


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