Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspire Me Monday: Happy Halloween!

Good Morning! I kind of flaked out on the blog this weekend. My son has croup and has been coughing all weekend. He has drained the life out of me. Poor guy! Last night was a better night so hopefully he'll wake up all smiles.
I've also been trying to get a big order complete. I didn't think I could make 100 rosettes in a week but I am just about finished and it will be heading out the door today. I am also getting ready for my first craft show in two weeks! Busy Busy! 
My daughter's Halloween party was yesterday. It was a bit stressful getting the house in order for everyone to come over and get it all decorated. Annabelle declared it "too spooky" which was just the way she wanted it. I think. She had a great time. I live for making my kids happy and this was one of those times were I would have rather been napping than hosting a party but seeing a smile on her face made it worth it.
The little guy coughed so hard in the middle of the party that he threw up all over his favorite stuffed animal. He wasn't in party mode either.
Anyway, enough about me. What did you guys make this week?
Here are the features:

This is a great tutorial from Artsy-Fartsy Mama

Super cute Lampshades from Madtown Macs

Great idea from Simply Designing

What a cutie! My daughter would love this Tinker Bell costume from A Couple of Craft Addicts

Also from A Couple of Craft Addicts! An awesome spider web headband. I might make this today to wear tonight!

Thanks for linking up this week! So many great links I might do more features later today! You guys rock!

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