Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Leaf Wreath: Easy Craft for Kids

 This stay at home mommy thing is all about creating memories with my kids. We had the opportunity to create a fun memory recently. I took them on a nature walk to collect fall leaves. My kids are such city kids. I grew up in the woods. Our closest neighbor could only be seen through a curtain of trees. My kids are growing up in suburbia with frequent trips to the mall and semi-frequent trips to the downtown area. When I suggested we go on a nature walk I don't think they really expected a walk in the woods. They enjoyed it and were both mesmerized and frightened by the woods.

We collected leaves and dried them for projects. This project was a simple fall leaf wreath. I love using paper plates to make wreaths and I've shared others before. Simply cut out the center of a paper plate and decorate as you wish. I had them glue the leaves we collected on our nature walk.

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