Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumkin Spice Play Dough and more fun with the kids!

We've been pretty busy this fall! With a vacation and pumpkin picking and a Halloween party to plan. Before we set off on vacation we painted pumpkins on a rare sunny fall day. The kids loved this but I was concerned that by the time we got back from vacation the paint would be peeled off and all over the floor. I was not looking forward to cleaning up that mess.
My solution was Mod Podge. I sealed the paint on the pumpkins with Mod Podge and when we returned the pumpkins looked the same as when we left.
This week after a week off of "teaching" my kids I got back into it full tilt. After a messy experience at my first attempt making homemade play dough I vowed never to do it again but I couldn't resist making play dough that smelled like pumpkin spice. I decided to try it again and it turned out great and delicious smelling. My recipe made a ton too and I think I'll have some leftover to make party favors for our Halloween party. If it lasts until next weekend that is.
Keeping my kids busy without the use of a television is great too! This little guy can do this for hours.
Paired with Halloween cookie cutters my imaginative daughter turned her tray until a cookie party for monsters and was deep into pretend play within minutes (as usual).
I decided to continue with the sensory experiences and try dying rice for a sensory bin. I was trying for orange but put in too much red. I mixed it with vinegar which worked very well. I placed the rice on paper towels to dry out.
I put the rice in a bin and added some spooky plastic critters and cups. Annabelle played for awhile with this and again in a matter of minutes was serving up creepy food to spooky dinner guests. Her ability to pretend is astounding some days I just can't keep up!
Although the rice didn't stay in the bin and I had to get the vacuum out. Plus my husband was wondering when my kids ate red rice. It was worth it and I'll be putting together more sensory bins for them in the future. I've been inspired by many blogs out there sharing their sensory bins. Google it and you will be too!
As a children's librarian, I made a lot of flannel board pieces. I used them a lot in my storytimes. I wanted to make a place for my kids to come and play with flannel pieces but they seem to be ending up on the floor and not getting played with much. Oh well. I really liked this activity. I made two pumpkins and several shapes for them to make faces with. I even made them in different colors as my son is learning his colors. We'll be using these a lot in the next week!
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  1. Great quality time with your kids. You have great idea. I'll have to remember the Modge Podge.

    visiting from blogging buddies.

  2. This is an awesome idea for the little ones.


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