Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Annabelle and I had a great time making this tutu together. She wanted it to be rainbow colored and handed me all the pieces of tulle.

I stretched my elastic on a chair. (My chairs are disgusting! With two messy kids I can't seem to get them clean. Wow that's gross.)
Moving on...I stretched the elastic but this was a mistake. It was stretched out too big! Next time I won't stretch it.

My little helper!

See how it's too stretched. Any tips? This was my second time making a tutu. The first one was a disaster. This one could have been but I was able to fix it!
I cut the elastic and took off some tulle and finished it without stretching the elastic. I'd love to hear how others make their tutus! She is in love with this one. Can't you tell?
She was very pleased and made quite an entrance at dance class. Everyone complimented her on her lovely tutu.

She was having a great time posing for the camera.

A really great time!

One more Mommy! Look at me!

Wait! Take another one!


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