Friday, November 25, 2011

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide Feature! Two Broads Design

Two Broads Design all started when two life long friends, Jen and Lindsey, decided to share their creativity with the world! Lindsey's love of shiny objects such as crystals, beads, and crafty projects started to rub off on Jen. From there the love of making jewelry and crafting exploded into a supernova of amazing Broad products!


Use coupon code HOLIDAY10 to save 10% off anything in the shop.



  1. Hey! I just found your blog through the Follower Fest going on. I love what I've read so far and I'm a new follower. I can't wait to read more. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. These are great features.. I LOVE the cupcakes.. SO adorable : ))


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