Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Challenge: Project Three and Four

I made this sweet little heart pillow. It was very easy to make. I folded my fabric and drew a half of heart like you learn to do in elementary school. I cut the fabric and cut my finger as well. I haven't seen that much blood since my son fell and bit through his lip. Wow! Those scissors are sharp! I have to remember to keep them in a safe place.
Anyway, I pinned to hearts together and sewed around it until I had about an inch left. I then stuffed it and sewed it up. I added a little rosette (of course). 

This is my project for week 4.   

What's that? It looks like just a piece of fabric? 
Well, in fact it is just a piece of fabric. I washed it and it has been sitting on my ironing board ever since. I know what I am going to do with it. I want to make a cute ruffle skirt for my daughter but the idea of cutting and sewing all those strips of fabric seems so incredibly daunting that I just haven't started. I hope to start it soon. Like today. I will start today. Really. I will. I promise.
We'll see. I might just stare at it for another week. 



  1. Cute pillow! and yes, the scissors ARE sharp! I cut myself with my quilting scissors once and needed stitches! Worst part of it was the annoying bandage on the end of my finger for weeks and weeks!
    Laura from EBT

  2. Hi Julie!
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    Really hope to see one of your great crafty posts there! Good luck with the challenge- love the gorgeous little heart:-)


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