Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mommy School: Hibernation

Last week in Mommy School, we talked about hibernation. First we read two great books about hibernation.

Next, we made polar bear caves with the bottom of a paper bag and cotton balls. This is one of those great open-ended crafts that is great for all ages. My 4 year old had a different take on it than my 2 year old. Annabelle created a whole family of polar bears all huddled up with the cotton balls and Dashiell enjoyed playing with the glue and cotton balls. 





  1. So sweet! I miss the preschool crafty stuff. My kids are teenagers now, so you can guess that they don't like the crafty stuff so much anymore :( They used to love it, though.

  2. Love this! We're reading And the Bear Snores On at our house right now.... need to add your titles!


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