Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mommy School: The Human Body

Since I quit my job in August, my kids and I have been learning at what we call "Mommy School." My daughter loved learning at her preschool but we made the decision to take her out and I would teach her and my son at home.
This week we have been learning about The Human Body. You can find a lot of the activities I did with them on my Pinterest board, Mommy School.
One of them was this activity. We spent most of the morning tracing our bodies, coloring and labeling body parts. We read several books about the Human Body as well. 


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  1. It's great that they did this on their own life size outline, I bet it really put it all into perspective/ made it easier to conceptualize. I'll have to remember this in a year or two when my kids are a bit bigger! ((I'm following you pin board too))


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