Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inspire Me Monday: Super Bowl

I didn't actually watch the Super Bowl. I watch Sprout and then Pioneer Women after the kids were asleep. But, it was on and I didn't know what else to call this post.
To be honest, right now I am exhausted and should get myself to bed. 

Lots and lots of great stuff linked up last week. Thanks for inspiring me!
Newlyweds on a Budget linked up a lovely frame using simple materials. Love it!

Word Up Nerd Up shared this awesome Book Page ring. I am a sucker for book page crafts. The librarian in me.
In a word...fantastic. From Moments with the Montano's

Okay, going to bed now. Have a great Monday!



  1. Thanks for hosting...have a great week!

  2. Thanks for hosting! I've added the Mod Podge Canvas.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my Valentine's Day Wreath! What a great way to start my Monday morning!

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  4. Hi! I put up #86 Dark Chocolate Fudge- a perfect Valentines Day gift
    Thank you for hosting this great linky!
    I host a weekly linky which is all about seasonal celebration and would love it if you popped over and linked a post! It's live right now! Seasonal Celebration Linky Hope to see you there! Rebecca x

  5. Thanks for featuring our book page rose ring!

  6. Thanks so much for hosting. Hope you have a lovely week!

  7. Thank you so much for the feature!!! I'm glad you like the origami hearts as much as I do. :)

    XOXO, Melysa

  8. Don't feel bad...I didn't watch the superbowl either. I knitted while listening to an audiobook....but I was in the same room as the watchers! Cool stuff!


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