Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Craft shows:Three things I hate and three things I love about them

Craft shows.

I have very mixed feelings about them. 
I just finished my second show and I have some thoughts.

Here are three things I hate about craft shows.

1. A lot of work without a lot of reward
To be successful at a craft show you have to have a good number of items to sale. I worked my butt off getting items ready. I had my Mom come and babysit the kids the day before so I could get ready. I didn't clean the house for almost two weeks. And I could have had about twice as many items on my table to be more successful.  

2. People touch my stuff
People who have no intention of buying anything touch all my items. This bugs me! Yesterday they were giving out free snow cones at the event and little kids were touching my items with sticky hands! Eeek!

3. They can be pretty boring and I have to pee!
Basically you just sit there and wait for people to come by which can be pretty boring. And I probably shouldn't have had all that Diet Coke and water and then sat there for 3 hours! I've never had to pee so bad!!!

Ok. Now that that's out of the way. I thought I would show you my table. It needs more height and more items I know but I thought it was pretty anyway. Bad pics too. It was a little dark in the building.

And now the things I love about craft shows

1. Hearing people say, "what pretty stuff" and "how sweet".
The best was the little girl who's smile and giggles were too precious for her Mom to resist buying her a fairy wand. 

2. Meeting other artists
It's nice talking to other artists and seeing the things they are making. I spend so much time online that it's nice getting out and being around like minded people.

3. Making new products
Preparing for this craft show I had to sit down and create new items. I made some great stuff which will be available in my shop eventually. Sometimes forcing myself to create new items is beneficial and I think I had some great items come out out it. 




  1. You hit it right about craft shows. You work very hard and taking everything in and taking everything out, the money you invest - sometimes it works out great and sometimes not so great. I take it all too personal.

    1. I try really hard not to take it personally. This was my second and at my first I was practically in tears. For this one I expected less and got more so that was good. Also, I think the crowd was nicer.

  2. I think your table looks great. I've never done one before, but I'd love to give it a shot at least once. I'll have to remember not to drink too much =)

    1. Thanks! Definitely don't drink too much. The bathroom was in another building from the show too so it wasn't easy to just pop into the bathroom.

  3. I usually bribe my mom to come with me for company and in case I have to pee or want to look around. Hubby stays with the munchkin. It can get pretty boring! I have done a handful of small fairs and always end up making only my table money back but as they say, go big or go home. I think the next one I sign up for will be one that is 5 months away (so I have plenty of time to prep) and is a larger (but not too large) crowd. Crossing my fingers!

    Your table looks great! I have a board on Pinterest of all my craft show display ideas. You should have a look around Pinterest for lots of great diy displays to do for next time. :)

    1. I'll check out your board. I did get some ideas form Pinterest and from walking around. I hope you do well at your show. Definitely start NOW making products!!

  4. I'm glad you did well. I haven't done a craft show either. They all cost an arm and a leg here. So not worth it!

  5. I'm thinking of doing a craft show soon! I have never done one, so this is good to know:)

  6. I feel the same way about the craft shows! I just did one this past weekend... not too many people walking through...a lot of time of just sitting there, and I too, worked my butt off getting so many things done. Hope you have a great week xo Holly


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