Saturday, November 17, 2012

One of the things I hate to do more than anything is pick out glasses. As a busy, stylish Mom, it's hard to find the time first of all, but then the process is so hard. After spending an hour or more get your eyes checked out the eye doctor, then they put dilation drops in your eyes that make it impossible to see. How am I supposed to see which glasses look good on me?

The last time I was at the eye doctors, I left without buying any glasses at all. Why? Because I couldn't see after the dilation drops and I needed to get home so my babysitter could leave. Boy, did I wish someone would make buying eyeglasses easier!

Well, I just found a prescription eyeglasses website that has made it so easy to buy glasses. Now you can shop for glasses in the comfort of your home once those awful drops wear off. has great prices, designer selection and 365 Day Return Policy.  Their designer selection includes Coach, Calvin Klein, Guess and many more.
 But how do you buy glasses online without trying them on? has created a Virtual Mirror feature so you can see what you look like before you purchase. And if you aren't happy with them you can return them!
I am so happy to have found this great new website for buying eyeglasses. I can't wait to pick out my new pair! 


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