Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspire Me Monday! Baking

Do you like to bake? I do but I'm not very good at it. I'm getting better though. And thanks to a very inspiring post I made the most delicious Cinnamon Swirl  bread after seeing this post linked up from Cookin' Up Good Times.
It was delicious! And I was surprised how easy it was to make. 

Here are a few other very inspiring posts.
I love Anne of Green Gables. Love this printable from The Creative Paige.

This is a great way to use my kid's art work. And I have LOTS of it I can't bear to throw away.
Thanks for sharing The Inspired Momma!
Thanks for linking up. Have a great week!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Craft shows:Three things I hate and three things I love about them

Craft shows.

I have very mixed feelings about them. 
I just finished my second show and I have some thoughts.

Here are three things I hate about craft shows.

1. A lot of work without a lot of reward
To be successful at a craft show you have to have a good number of items to sale. I worked my butt off getting items ready. I had my Mom come and babysit the kids the day before so I could get ready. I didn't clean the house for almost two weeks. And I could have had about twice as many items on my table to be more successful.  

2. People touch my stuff
People who have no intention of buying anything touch all my items. This bugs me! Yesterday they were giving out free snow cones at the event and little kids were touching my items with sticky hands! Eeek!

3. They can be pretty boring and I have to pee!
Basically you just sit there and wait for people to come by which can be pretty boring. And I probably shouldn't have had all that Diet Coke and water and then sat there for 3 hours! I've never had to pee so bad!!!

Ok. Now that that's out of the way. I thought I would show you my table. It needs more height and more items I know but I thought it was pretty anyway. Bad pics too. It was a little dark in the building.

And now the things I love about craft shows

1. Hearing people say, "what pretty stuff" and "how sweet".
The best was the little girl who's smile and giggles were too precious for her Mom to resist buying her a fairy wand. 

2. Meeting other artists
It's nice talking to other artists and seeing the things they are making. I spend so much time online that it's nice getting out and being around like minded people.

3. Making new products
Preparing for this craft show I had to sit down and create new items. I made some great stuff which will be available in my shop eventually. Sometimes forcing myself to create new items is beneficial and I think I had some great items come out out it. 



Monday, April 23, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Willow Tree Menagarie

I am excited to introduce to you Willow Tree Menagerie. I love fabric and fabric buttons are a beautiful way to display wonderful fabrics. Here are a few from Willow Tree Menagerie.

Gorgeous right? I love yellow and gray!

How about a ring?
Also available from this fabulous shop are picture frames and canvases.

Super cute! Perfect for a kids room. Check out the others in her shop here.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Inspire Me Monday! Busy busy!

Hello! I have been super busy with getting ready for a craft show. It was yesterday and it is over and I am happy. I'll write more about it later. 
Now for the features. Lots of great crafts to get ready for spring! Make sure to check out the awesome blogs!



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inspire Me Monday! Happy Birthday!

My daughter is turning 5! Five! How did that happen? Their birthdays' are so special and a little bit emotional for me. You can expect a sappy post tomorrow, that is if I can write through the tears.

Here are this weeks features! Great job! 
Lovely little dress from EmmylouBeeDoo!

Great summer idea for the kids from A Couple of Craft Addicts.

 Yummy recipe from Joyful Homemaking!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Craft:Phone book turned Ribbon organizer

There are two things that bother me. Phone books and my ribbon all over my sewing table. Well, really there are more than two things that bother me but for the purpose of this post those two things REALLY bother me.

I think phone books are a waste. 

We never use ours since something better was invented:

The Internet.

So as I was moving ours from the front lawn to the recycle bin I remembered my pile of ribbon.

I have been searching for something to hold all my ribbons and keep them organized but have yet to find something that I thought would work. I had dowel rods and thought I would get wood one day to drill into and make my own ribbon organizer. But I'm not very good with power tools. 

Then I had an idea.

I don't need wood when I have a phone book I will never use! I poked holes with scissors (probably a better way to do this) and stuck my dowel rods in.

I covered the phone book with a scrap of fabric and had my daughter scribble on it with fabric markers. You could probably use nice fabric and make it look prettier but I had a helper and thought this would be a great way for her to get involved.
She helped stack them too! 
 See how happy I am! I found a great use for an otherwise unusable phone book and I have organized my ribbon! Yeah!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Inspire Me Monday: Easter Hangover!

If your weekend was anything like mine you probably need a week to recover! My little guy fell asleep at 5PM and woke up at 8AM. He was exhausted after all the egg hunting! Poor little guy! 
Hope you have a great week!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: One Little Duck

I want to introduce you to One Little Duck and show you the wonderful custom made chalkboard she made for my son. He is going to love it! Here are a few other things from this beautiful shop.


I also received a lovely birthday banner from One Little Duck that I will share with you in a couple weeks.
Jenn from One Little Duck is awesome and is sharing a 10% Coupon Code for all my readers.  Use code SINGING at checkout to save!
Also, each purchase from my site gets a free banner/garland at checkout. Just tell Jenn what you want!


Inspire Me Monday: Easter Crafts

Welcome Friends! I hit a milestone this weekend! 1200 followers! Wow! I can't believe it. I love blogging and I love my followers. It's been great fun getting to know you and sharing a little bit of me with you.
Here are this weeks features. Lots of great Easter crafts!


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