Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Ornament Photo Shoot

Get ready for lots of pictures of my new line of rosette ornaments for Christmas available at Belle Rose Designs!
Why am I showing so many pictures of ornaments to you? Well, I'd love for you to take a look at them on my site but I'd also like to share with you my tips for taking pictures. 
None of these are knew but they are important. You can't sell anything online without great pictures. It's that simple. If you want to sell anything anywhere online your pictures must show what the items are. 

So here they are:
1. Use Natural Light. Make no excuses for it. The best way to get great photos is natural light. You'll find great tutorials for building light boxes which works as well but either way DO NOT USE YOUR FLASH. What I do is chose a day and time that I will have good light. I gather several items that need photographed and find the best light in my house. I usually set up a large piece of fabric over a chair and use it as a background.
2. Take a lot of pictures. Some of the will be blurry. Take a bunch. Take them from all angles. Use different backgrounds and props.  I always take a close up of my rosettes and then take one in my hand to show the size of it. But I take a lot! I mean like 100-200 at a time. 

3. Edit your photos. Learn whatever program you want or have but try your hand at editing. Crop out the background that doesn't work. Lighten if you have to and remove any blemishes that might have shown up while you took the shots.

4.Never use a bad picture. If my photos turn out bad I retake them. I know that nothing will sell if the photos are blurry so if the lighting is off or the photos are blurry or I missed a shot, I will retake them. It's so important. I'm not going to waste my time uploading and writing a listing if I don't have a great picture to go with it. 

So that's it. Hope you enjoyed my tips! Does anyone have any others?

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