Monday, February 25, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Craft: Framed Fabric Shamrock Art

 St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. I don't usually do much decorating for St. Patrick's Day. I may or may not still have my Valentine's decorations out (I'll never tell...) And with Easter being so soon after St. Patrick's this year there really isn't much time! But, I received this great fabric from Wholeport and wanted to use it somehow. 
I'm only Irish by association. My "Aunt" Lucy was an immigrant from Ireland. She wasn't really my Aunt by we loved each other like we were blood relatives. So it counts.
I do have an Irish temper (my husband can attest to that) and my current hair color is red (my hairdresser can attest to that). 
So, St. Patrick's can be a little beat of a big deal in our house. I'll try to make my Aunt Lucy's soda bread again with little success and my husband may consume green beer. We shall see.
Anyway, to the craft. That's why you are here, right?

I started by tracing leftover Valentine's hearts on to the fabric.

I arranged the heart into a shamrock pattern. I taped a piece of vintage music paper to a vintage distressed picture frame for the finishing touch.

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lace and Jersey Infinity Scarf

I recently received a package from my sponsor Wholeport and in it was this beautiful lace fabric.  

I love fabric. It inspires me and this lace fabric was incredibly inspiring. It is beautiful, soft and feminine. I knew as soon as I saw it I was going to make something beautiful with it.  

Then I found this hot pink jersey fabric in my fabric stash. I have been holding on to it to turn it into a scarf. So I decided to combine the jersey and lace and create a lovely scarf for Spring.

I cut the jersey fabric the same length and width as the lace fabric. I then had two long strips of fabric.

Now all I had to do was sew the two pieces of fabric together. I lined them up and pinned them together on both sides. I sewed a quarter inch seam on both ends.

 Then flip it so your seam is facing the inside. And Voila! You have a lovely new scarf. It took me about 10 minutes to make! Love a quick project.

 Last step is to take silly pictures of yourself!!
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pretty pretty flower

I received some lovely fabric from my lovely sponsor Wholeport
I made this pretty flower for my pretty daughter!

I've been experimenting with these layered singed flowers and I'm loving them!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fancy Nancy Grows Up!

Fancy Nancy Grows Up in the new Nancy Clancy chapter books. 
My daughter loves these books. 
She has loved Fancy Nancy for as long as I can remember. 

Nancy is spirited and fun and full of life. She takes "dressing up" to a whole new level. Every day she is decked in feathers and sequins and glitter. What little girl wouldn't love Fancy Nancy!

Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy, Super SleuthNow she has a new chapter book series. In "Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth", she is a detective, complete with pink trench coat. She is busy solving crimes with her best friend Bree and the results are fun and adventurous. My daughter actually cried when it was over. Nancy is a terrific character and I think my daughter bonded with her while reading it. She was so sad when it was over. 

In the Book 2 of the series, "Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer," she is trying to get two teenagers to fall in love. I finished reading this to Annabelle in less than a week. It was simply charming. Again, Nancy is such a fun character. She gets into all kinds of trouble trying to arrange the two star-crossed lovers. The result is hilarious and unexpected! 

I love reading chapter books to Annabelle. She is 5 but she has such a rich vocabulary from being read too. She loves listening to me read and I love reading to her. What a great experience for us both!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm glad she wasn't one of those kids

I'm a little late in posting this but here it is... While watching the Super Bowl I was moved, as I'm sure many of my readers were, by the Newtown, Connecticut kids singing "America the Beautiful."
My daughter is 5 almost 6. She is beautiful. She is smart. She is precious. Just like all children are to their parents. I can't ever imagine taking a breath without her. I can't ever imagine the heartache of the parents the children of Sandy Hook feel each day. I hope I never have to.

When the children of Sandy Hook sang at the Super Bowl my daughter walked into the room and said, "I wish I were those kids."

She knows nothing of Sandy Hook. She knows nothing of violence besides what her brother's small hands can inflict upon her. She knows nothing except what she saw. She saw beautiful children singing. She knows she wants to be a "pop star" when she grows up. She saw children singing on tv and she wished to be them.

I hugged her.
I hugged her so tight.
Finally she looks at me says, "why are you hugging me?"

I just smiled. In my mind I thought how glad I was that she wasn't one of those kids. I hope one day she can stand in front of the whole world and sing or dance or speak and everyone everywhere will know what I already know.

But I'm glad she doesn't know the pain and violence those kids have had to endure. I am so very glad.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Etsy Shop Owner: Iniquitous Bath and Body

I am one stressed out Mommy! And I know many of you can relate. Between my husband having back surgery a few months ago and the holiday stress and running my own business and kids getting sick it's been a crazy couple of months. I hardly get a chance to sit down, let alone relax. 
Then this came in the mail:

It took me a few days but I was finally able to set aside some time with my new sugar scrub and milk bath.
This nourishing milk bath was just what I needed.
I haven't felt that relaxed in months and months. The nourishing milk bath has a combination of ingredients that is made to soak away the stress I've been feeling for these many months.
And I have to say the soak did wonders for me. Being able to soak and relax for a bit helped me to center myself in my business goals and feel more connected to myself and family. Definitely something I hope to do more of!
After I soaked, I scrubbed down with the Absinthe Sugar Scrub
Loved it! At first I was surprised by the scent. I never thought of absinthe as a scent! But boy was I surprised! The scent is almost energizing and a little bit sexy. I love it! 
Also, I've been obsessed with the hand sanitizer in my package. I love the Blueberry Muffins scent. Amazing! I don't usually like sanitizer because it dries out my hands, but this sanitizer feels moisturizing. 
 Lastly, you must check out the body sprays that come in so many scents you won't know which to pick or which you like best. I know I can't decide!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

100 calorie cupcake

I can't believe how good these are! And so simple. Just mix cake mix with a can if diet Coke. Top with lite whipped cream for a delicious treat without the guilt!

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