Friday, March 2, 2018

What I did today instead of writing/editing my manuscript?

1. Deleted 500 old blog posts.
2. Facebooked. Looked at the same three posts I've already scrolled through ten times.
3. Got angry over a meme. Fact-checked meme. Reported meme as fake.
4. Journaled. Looked at the blank page of my journal. Wrote about the weather. Again.
5. Folded laundry.
6. Ate a healthy breakfast. Got hungry an hour later and thought about lunch for the next two hours.
7. Ate lunch.
8. Went to the grocery store because when I was there yesterday I forgot 5 things. 
9. Watched an episode of Outlander.
10. Wrote a blog post. Wondered if blogging was still a thing.
11. Tweeted "Is blogging still a thing?"

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