About Julianna Helt

Julianna Helt is a children's book author currently querying two middle grade novel, THUNDER GIRLS and SLIME WARS.
She is a former children's librarian and mother of two. She has written for several blogs and publications.

I started this blog in 2010 when I was a children's librarian and my kids were so little everything was new and interesting and crazy. Eight years later they are still pretty interesting and crazy. My kids are older with a whole new set of challenges.

This blog has gone through lots of changes. It started as a craft blog because in 2010 every mom with kids 4 and younger had a craft blog and a glue gun. I occasionally wrote book reviews as well. A year after starting this blog I quit my job as a librarian and stayed home full time with my kids. Those posts are my favorite. "Mommy School" was in particular fun and challenging. I also worked tirelessly at my Etsy shop for seven of those last 8 years. 

Since 2010 and starting this blog I have wanted to be a writer. Actually, since as long as I could remember I've written stories, poetry and blog posts no one reads. But in the last year, I've finished my first manuscript, closed my Etsy shop and continued to be challenged by the joys of parenting. I intend to take this blog through that next change while I tackle the challenges of raising tweens and attempting to become a published author. 

Thanks for stopping by, 
Julianna Helt