Julianna Helt is currently querying two middle grade novels:
Softball brings up too many painful memories for EMILY. It was the game her dad taught her and now he's gone. Will she be able to overcome her grief and play in a new town or will a bully push her off the field again? A sports story for girls!
MAYCIE's slime business is being sabotaged by Aubrey who wants to steal all her customers. When her dad loses his job, Maycie wants to help her family make ends meet by selling slime. But, what if no one ever buys slime from her again? The Babysitter's Club for the digital era.

Julianna's current middle grade WIP novels include an untitled novel in verse focusing on an MC with a speech disorder and an historical fiction novel taking place the day after JFK was shot, titled THE CROOKED BRIDGE

Julianna is also currently working on several picture book manuscripts:
"Annabelle and the Magic Wand"
"The Photograph"
"Ice Cream Alphabet"

She is also a current member of 12X12

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